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Our mission as University of California Master Gardener volunteers is to extend research-based, sustainable gardening and composting information to the public through various educational outreach methods.  We strive to present accurate, impartial information to local gardeners so they have the knowledge to make informed gardening decisions in regard to plant choices, soil fertility, pest management, irrigation practices, and more.


Placer County Master Gardeners are UCCE ambassadors to the Placer County home gardening community promoting environmental awareness and sustainable landscape practices. Home gardeners’ gardening and composting skills, knowledge, and creativity are expanded and enhanced through research-based information provided by the PCMG through classes, events, demonstrations, hotline and resources.

Placer County Master Gardener volunteers are the heart of the organization.  They are motivated to serve and are a credible resource for the home gardening community in Placer County. PCMG volunteers develop their expertise through initial training and continuing education opportunities. Participation and motivation are maintained through recognition of volunteer efforts, production of quality programs, fostering solid communication between members and offering opportunities for socialization.

The Placer County Master Gardener Association’s culture and structure are sustainable, relevant, resourceful, and effective in accomplishing the purposes of the organization through its leadership, policies and practices.


The Master Gardener volunteer program was started in the early 70’s at the University of Washington.  Farm Advisors became overwhelmed by all the incoming calls from home gardeners and homesteaders so they trained volunteers to answer these questions and the “Master Gardener Program” was born.  The first University of California Master Gardener programs began in 1980 in Sacramento and Riverside counties.  The Placer County Master Gardener Association began soon thereafter in 1983.


  **Celebrating Over 30 Years of Service!**

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